Easy Install Tutorial

Debian 7.4 Netinstall

We install the system Debian 7.4 netinstall with only SSH service and the usual utilities of the system. Watch out, avoid marking Web server and databases SQL. We are going to proceed to the installation of the applications later.

Install New debian 7.4 (netinstall) only base system and ssh

Download the installeur OpenKeyOS which will prepare your Debian with all the software, the dependences and the parameters necessary for the smooth running of OpenKeyOS.

`~# wget "http://www.openkeyos.org/download/installer/installer-openkeyos.sh"`

Run installer :

`~# chmod +x installer-openkeyos.sh
 ~# ./installer-openkeyos.sh`

Enjoy !

Note :

  • After the installation, it is recommended to modify the password by default of the admin ( superuser ).
  • it is recommended to modify the password of the user Mysql keyosuser and to reference it in your file config.ini
  • Deleted the file and directory install
  • Lock in writing your file config.ini