Krifs Introduction

The KRIFS module contains an advanced ticketing system, timesheets, tasks scheduling and interventions reports.  The KRIFS module is seamlessly integrated with exchange and several ERP systems. The Intervention reports can be automatically exported to the ERP system to generate invoices.     

Keyos provides a ticketing system integrated with Microsoft Exchange. The tickets management console has an advanced filtering option that allows the help-desk operators to access the needed tickets in the shortest time possible.

Also because Keysource manages clients in several countries, the ticketing system has a translation system integrated, that allows our customers to comment on the tickets in their native language.

Krifs - Ticket Console

Krifs - Ticket Detail (Work time to ERP and reporting, location, scheduled task ...)

A very important feature of the KRIFS module is the ability to create intervention reports. For each ticket detail the operators can insert work times and relevant billing information, this information combined with the customer contract type is used automatically by Keyos to fill the intervention report invoicing information. After this each intervention report is sent to the ERP system to create invoices.


Krifs - Add Ticket from boxmail support.

Krifs - Scheduled Tasks (and connector MS Exchange)

Krifs - Add from ticket scheduled tasks

Krifs - Ticket Reporting.

Krifs - Ticket Reporting export PDF and XML.