Customer Introduction

Keyos has a complete interface for management of the customers, from the contract types to extensive reports.

By interacting with the VOIP system the customer page is automatically brought up to the operator monitor each time a customer calls from one of the registered phone numbers. In this page, the Keyos operator has information ranging from contract type, customer contact information or photos to complete list of computers, peripherals, users, tickets or remote access information.

The Customers module users Google’s mapping system to locate customer’s registered addresses, and get driving directions from the main office.

VoIP Connector for integration callsupport. Due to different type of program as ADAT for instance, it is possible to query the KeyOS the incoming call number, once identified, the KeyOS opens the customer concerned.

Centreon - Nagios Connector : As part of these developments, we hope that the agent performs a job Kawacs hardware inventory, software and services instead of monitoring. We focused on a connector Centreon / Nagios / nagvis in the KeyOS.

You install the Kawacs agent on a box which generates an inventory and send your machine and registered in the KeyOS. Then, if an administrator wants to perform a monitoring of this box, he will the access to a wizard which will send information to Centreon, and this Centreon monitoring which in turn affect shipments to the Nagios pooler.

The wizard which sends the information of the box to the Centreon server is not yet fully complete but we hope that it will be fully integrated KeyOS in 2012. In a second step, we expect a deeper interaction between Keyos and Centreon, as for instance improvement of alert notifications management.

MRemote - mremoteng XML generator. To generate a file that contains all of your server connections, PC and peripherals with the logins and passwords encrypted on an XML file that could be used with mRemote and mRemoteng.

Customer Manage Location

Customer Manage Photo and backup files

Customer Reporting audit

Customer Manager Contacts

Customer Manage CC Ticket Recipents