Main Features

Keyos is a framework that assists a team of highly trained professionals to monitor and manage the IT assets. Keysource with the help of Keyos platform acts as a complete outsourced IT department.

This presentation is part of our promotion and willingness to open our code and tools in the public domain open source. Today, there is no equivalent to the separate tools KeyOS GLPI is known to all but certainly did not in so many features.

Main Keyos modules and features summary:


The KAWACS module enables the real time monitoring of the networks, machines (servers and workstations), peripherals (printers, switches, wireless AP’s, scanners, etc.) and warranties. Kawacs collects real time information about the networked machines running the Kawacs client program (Kawacs Agent program).


The KERM module centralizes the information about the enterprise resources managed through Active Directory – Computers, Printers, Users and Groups.


The KRIFS module contains an advanced ticketing system, timesheets, tasks scheduling and interventions reports.  The KRIFS module is seamlessly integrated with exchange and several ERP systems. The Intervention reports can be automatically exported to the ERP system to generate invoices


The KALM module deals with software licenses management for each customer and real time management of the software packages installed on each machine.


The KLARA module – management for all the remote access information on customer’s machines and suppliers

Customers management

Keyos has a complete interface for management of the customers, from the contract types to extensive reports.

Users management

Keyos also has a complete user management interface and user access control on the framework. 


Keyos offers an interface for synchronizing with your ERP system data. You can import everything from customers and users to specific data. The platform also provides a console for exporting Intervention Reports from Keyos to the ERP where the invoices can be generated. 


Alerts and logs

The Keyos platform offers an interface that allows the configuration of different alert types and alert levels and the action to take when a predefined alert is triggered (send mail, SMS, create ticket etc.). Also Keyos keeps track of all its actions through extensive logs, so each message sent by the platform can be tracked.