Kawacs Introduction

The KAWACS module enables the real time monitoring of the networks, machines (servers and workstations), peripherals (printers, switches, wireless AP’s, scanners, etc.) and warranties. Kawacs collects real time information about the networked machines running the Kawacs client program (Kawacs Agent program).

KAWACS offers centralized consoles for live management of the computers, peripherals, warranties and the alerts.

Kawacs console.

Kawacs peripherals management console


Kawacs warranties management

Kawacs warranties Check sync contructor

Kawacs computer reported information view

For each machine (computer or peripheral) Keyos assigns a monitoring profile and a type (like workstation or server) and based on these gathers a complete and relevant list of information. The information is split in different interest sections: System, Hardware, Software, Warranties, Event log and Network. The real-time monitoring agent is supported for all the Microsoft Windows operating systems and the major Linux distributions.

In the computer page the operator has all the history of tickets and notifications related to this computer. Also, a list of tools are available for remote administration or charts of the antivirus updates or the backup age for this computer.

Kawacs computer reported information network

Kawacs computer reported information Login History.

Kawacs computer reported information Event log Windows